Changes to the way we do business

There are many changes taking place here at Office Group. We are undertaking a revamp of our store and introducing our Office Stationery Group CLUB for those interested in clearance items, new items and discounted items.

Due to Covid19 there is a large number of home workers and as such we are going to be updating our range to add products suitable for home office or remote office. Items such as whiteboards, chairs, monitors, printers and consumables, hand sanitisers and soap, masks and other PPE items can all be purchased from our Covid Category (coming soon).

Consumable office items are going to become our focus as we endeavour to make it easy for you to keep stock of consumables like toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, coffee, biscuits, cleaning chemicals and cleaning wipes.

We hope and trust that you enjoy our site and continue your valued custom. Please address any questions via our contact us page.

Sincerely Jon

IT Development Officer

8th Oct 2020 Jon Minney

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